Freedom Park's Gift Shop is back!

gift shop1.jpg

Spend like this Park and Center depend on it.

Because we do!

All purchases go to support the park and Center.  Friends of Freedom Park thanks you for your support and care. Please come in whenever the building is open and shop local.

Come see our newly stocked Gift Shop to support Freedom Park. We are focused on things that are all about Freedom Park (nature, sunsets, eagles, rivers, bluffs,) plus things that are uniquely Prescott and Wisconsin. Wood Wisconsin Puzzles, Eagles, Cardinals and many Songbirds. So much more. We will add pictures...and deals as we go through 2021.

Super cool jewelry, birdhouse, rain chains, yard art... and soon we will have Freedom Park shirts and sweatshirts that highlight our area. 

Friends of Freedom Park thanks you for supporting the park and center and making Prescott great. 

(Special thank you to Kris Sampson and Angie Miner and all the volunteers at the park for all your help with making a gift shop happen again.  -- Better than ever!)