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15 Stories for 15 Years! Story #5...

We’re featuring 15 stories for our 15th anniversary! 2021 is the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center's 15th year at Freedom Park. To celebrate, we will share 15 stories that highlight important moments in our history, remarkable people we've met along the way, lessons learned, milestones reached, and how Friends of Freedom Park and the surrounding communities have supported each other over the years.

Story #5 — Donations come in many forms. A generous donor approached the Friends of Freedom Park as building construction plans were being finalized. He offered to donate stone. Little did the Friends know but that donation would be one of the largest individual donations made in the early years of the park.

We are so grateful to all who have donated decorative stone, plants for the garden, specialized skills, and thousands of hours of volunteer time over the years. We would not be here without you.

Do you see something that needs to get done around here that you are uniquely qualified to help with? Maybe it’s a special skill that you have, passion you share, time you have available, or partner you know who could help advance our mission. Contact us today. We would love to get you connected!

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