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15 Stories for 15 Years! Story #7...

We’re featuring 15 stories for our 15th anniversary! 2021 is the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center's 15th year at Freedom Park. To celebrate, we will share 15 stories that highlight important moments in our history, remarkable people we've met along the way, lessons learned, milestones reached, and how Friends of Freedom Park and the surrounding communities have supported each other over the years.

Story #7: “What happened to that garbage sculpture you had in the park?” That’s a pretty common question we get from returning visitors. They’re asking about a sculpture that was installed at Freedom Park in 2012. It was made by artist Raina Belleau, using garbage pulled from the Mississippi River. The piece was called “Union: A Deer and Nesting Herons”, and created a striking contrast between the beautiful wildlife that call the river ecosystem home, and how these creatures are harmed by river pollution.

So, why isn’t the sculpture here anymore? In short, it lived out its lifecycle. After a few years of holding fast against our changing seasons, it began to degrade. Eventually it was removed, and replaced with our current chimney swift tower.

Our indoor exhibits have lasted much longer than the few years the sculpture had. But everything has a season, and our indoor exhibits are turning 15! They’re feeling their age and they need to be updated and refreshed. Please consider making a donation to the Friends of Freedom Park so that we can continue to offer high-quality, engaging, family-friendly educational experiences for all of our visitors.

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