Thank you.

We celebrated our 2021 annual fundraiser with overwhelming support and our largest fundraiser to date! Thank you!  We had a silent auction and family-friendly night that included yard games, live music, and conversation. We heard stories from the last 15 years and toasted the park's 15th anniversary.

Fundraising isn't just a once of year thing for us though. We can't have great staff and cool programming without funding. Fund a goat, sponsor a garden, or help us just keep the lights on can happen any time of year.  You can simply donate a specific dollar amount to help keep Freedom Park and Center's doors open for visitors from all over the world. Click here to donate today. 

Thank you to:

Chair Kris Sampson

Marketing Donna Boatman

Also, while many local businesses gave there are a few to call out:

      Croix Insurance

      Ptacek's IGA